Gauge Change Conversion

Gauge Change Conversion options 12, 16, 20, 28, 410 and 3" 410

  • Each Gauge Change Conversion will come with everything that is needed to change from one gauge to another.
  • All Gauge Change Conversions will come custom set up to your load data specifications. 
  • Changing from one gauge to another is an easy 5 step process that takes 5 minutes or less, and no adjustment is necessary. 
  •  You'll enjoy how easy it is to change Spolar gauges! 

          Gauge Change Conversions include:              

  1. Top Plate Assembly  
  2.  Dies   
  3.  Wad Cup and Wad Finger  
  4.  Shell Seating Head and Cup  
  5.  Shot and Powder Bushing