Every Spolar Gold Premier Reloader leaves our shop custom set to your load data specifications


  • Precision machined from T6-6061 aircraft aluminum and steel
  • Engineered to utilize maximum leverage
  • Sealed ball bearing movement
  • Low Primer Warning System
  • Electronic shot, powder and primer settling system
  • Two final crimps
  • All four tournament gauges available
  • Change gauges in five minutes or less, with no adjustments
  • Remove shells at any time, from any position
  • Simultaneous wad and shot drop
  • Utilize right or left side handle or Power Load Hydraulic
  • Threaded shot and powder tubes for stability
  • Easy-change shot and powder bushings, standard
  • Billet aluminum 400 primer tray, standard
  • 25 pound shot capacity, standard
  • Counter, standard
  • Die lube, standard
  • Spolar Quality backed by Spolar Quality Service.